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Don't Put Off Your Spring Tire Swap

Don't Put Off Your Spring Tire Swap

With an average annual snowfall of almost 87 inches, Cortland, NY is a place that demands snow tires in the winter. Without winter snow tires, driving in the colder months would be much more hazardous. Thanks to a deeper tread depth, more biting edges, and a more flexible type of rubber, winter tires give you grip and control when steering your vehicle in icy conditions. As the weather begins to warm and the days lengthen, you will need to swap back to your all-season or summer tires. All-season tires are constructed differently from winter tires with a focus on providing a quiet ride, ideal fuel economy, and long-lasting tread. They are a perfect option for almost any situation, except for extreme incidences of snow and ice. All-season tires don't provide the same speed and agility that summer tires do, but they are a good compromise between winter and summer tires. You may be tempted to keep your all-season tires on all year long or to put off switching from your winter tires to your ... read more


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