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What Should You Know About New Tires?

Before you take the leap to purchase a new set of tires, take a look at your tires. Do you actually need new tires? A good place to look is your tread. You can measure the depth using the old penny trick. Simply place the penny into your tread groove with Lincoln head pointing down. If your tread is worn to less than 2/32 of an inch you will see the top of Lincolns head. If you see this you need new tires.

Where to Buy Tires

Who to buy a new tire from can be a challenge. One option is the car dealer, but they are often the most expensive. You will have better luck with an auto and tire shop like O'Shea Tire & Service Center. We often run specials on tires when you purchase new tires from our location.

How to Choose the Right Tires

Now it is time to select the right size tire. Most tires are branded with a number that tells you all about the product you are about to purchase. These long numbers on a tire's sidewall tell you the type, width, aspect ratio, diameter, and tire speed rating.

That’s a lot of information in a small space! For most of us, these numbers can be confusing and a little intimidating. The good news is we offer a tool that lets you select your vehicle make, model, and year and the tool will find the tire that will fit your vehicle.

Protect Your New Tires with Tire Maintenance in Cortland, NY

Once you purchase your perfect set of tires, don’t forget to protect your investment. After your tires have been selected and mounted by a professional technician, you will want to make sure to keep your tire pressure in check. Always refer to the specifications for your particular tire but PSI should normally be 30-35. Tire rotations, wheel alignments, and tire balancing will also be regular maintenance items you should keep in mind.

I hope this helps you make your next tire purchase. Remember to check your tread to determine if you need new tires. The right type of tire can change your driving experience and deliver the results you want. Visit us at O'Shea Tire & Service Center. With proper care and preparation your new tires can take you anywhere and with proper maintenance, you can make them last.


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